Buyer’s Guide to Kids Beds

Kids Beds: Where to begin?

So, your little one is growing up and it is time to change the crib for a bed? You have no idea where and how to start? We understand how hard it is to choose the new bed where your child will be spending their nights for the next few years. We want to make sure you will be providing the best for your precious one and that he or she will be sleeping well and comfortably.



Children are full of energy and their bed is not only the place where they will be sleeping; it will also work as the ship where they are going to fight the pirates, the castle where the dolls will live, the dance floor where they will jump up and down, whatever their imagination comes up with, so it is important that you choose a safe and good quality bed.

So, the first thing you have to decide is how you are going to decorate their bedroom. If you want to give wings to your imagination, or even better, to your kid’s imagination, you can always go for novelty beds; it will make their room fun and keep them entertained. There are many options available, for example for girls you can have a princess style bed, a bed with a heart shaped head and footboard or a bed that looks like a house. Novelty beds are definitely the best type of kids beds available because they really can make your child’s bedroom look really fun: just what any child need.

For the little boys you can find fire truck and racing car style beds, as well as beds with football shaped headboards or footboards. Can you imagine how happy they will be with a bed fashioned after their favourite toy or hero?

Maybe you need some extra space for your kid’s bedroom? In this case you could either go for a mid-sleeper bed or high sleeper bed: these beds are versatile and provide an excellent utilisation of space. You can easily turn the space underneath the bed into a play or study area. It is also possible to fit a bookshelf, desk and chest of drawers making it easier to keep your child’s room organised and tidy.

Now, if you are already thinking about the future and about your son or daughter’s friends spending the weekend at your house, you may want to consider buying a cabin bed. This type of bed usually has a pullout mattress and some of them also offer storage space making them even better.

None of these appeal to you? OK, fine! You don’t want a novelty bed or a bed with storage space, you just prefer simple kids beds. In this case you can choose between metal or wooden beds. Metal beds are usually more affordable and the best thing about them is that they come in any colour or style, suiting any type of bedroom. Metal frames are durable and they don’t get stained or worn.

Kid’s wooden beds are available in contemporary and traditional styles. This is the best option for those of you that don’t want to keep changing the décor and furniture of your kid’s bedroom when they get older. They are very popular because of their timeless appeal and long lasting durability.

We hope that this article has helped you sift through the world of kids beds and help you on your way to choosing the right type of bed for your child.

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