Garden Notes: New Season, New Seeds.


If you love Brussels sprouts but find it difficult to convince the rest of the family to eat them, ‘Brodie’ could hold the answer. Hailed as one of the sweetest-tasting sprouts around, this greengrocerone will be in full swing at just the right time for your dinner.

Prefer an organic choice? Afterward Brussels sprout ‘Groninger’ could be for you, the seeds being organically grown. Weather and high giving tolerant. Traditional Dutch variety for crops from fall into winter.

Broccoli is a tasty superveg that should be on everyone’s menu. Broccoli ‘Bellaverde Sibsey” is a sweet stem type, popular in the shops, that should provide up to three pickings from May to October depending on when sown.

Caulis aren’t the easiest of brassicas to grow, but naturally vigorous ’Boris F1’ could be easier than most. Said to be tolerant of a range of soils and with strong roots and upright foliage, it is also highly weather resistant.

A cabbage isn’t just for boiling – it can be made into delicious coleslaw and ‘Cabbice F1‘ (or ‘Cabbice F1’ depending on which catalogue you are looking at) is said to be perfect for the job. Crunchy and super sweet.

Cabbage ’Sabrosa F1’ is a Savoy type that forms a heart while still young. It can, therefore, be cut as a mini cabbage or allowed to mature.

Chinese cabbage is a tasty alternative to traditional cabbage varieties and can be harvested in late summer and into the autumn. ‘Natsuki F1’ can be used young as a salad ingredient, used in stir-fries or when mature boiled as Savoy.


Marrow ‘Babymax F1′ is a modem variety bred in the UK and produces small marrows which are more convenient in the kitchen than the usual whoppers. Matures rapidly and has excellent flavour. Compact plants, so ideal for the smaller veg patch.


UK-bred butternut squash ‘Sweetmax’ is new from Marshalls as young plants. Described as early fruiting, this gives lots of true for the fruits to ripen in the British summer. Expect three fruits of 3kg each per plant.


Exclusive to T&M is new compact-growing pea ‘Terrain’. Said to have good resistance to both downy and powdery mildew, ‘Terrain’ is ideal for sowing in small batches for a succession of harvests, especially says T&M, between June and July. In its own trials, a late sowing was made on July 30 and cropped from October 21 to November 11 when a frost finished them off. Height to 1.2m and often producing two pods per leaf joint.

Mangetouts are very popular for their sweet flavour and tender pods. Now to T&M, mangetout ’Sweet Horizon’ is also great when picked young and used raw in salads.

This heat-tolerant variety will crop well all summer and has great resistance to powdery mildew – an advantage for late summer sowings.

Pea ’Nairobi’ is a snap pea which produces high yields of stringless sweet and crunchy pods. Shows excellent tolerance to powdery mildew. Good source of vitamin C, K and A.

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