Review of The GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum

Pools are important facilities for both home and commercial use. They are used for entertainment purposes. Owning a pool involves two things; construction of the pool as well maintenance. Maintenance of the pool is an activity that should be done regularly unlike construction, which is done one. Maintenance requires the use of some specific equipment. GAME 4855 spa and pool Vacuum is one of the facilities used in the maintenance of a swimming pool.


The vacuum is used for cleaning both swimming pools and hot tubs. It can as well be used in Jacuzzi. The vacuum operates by the use of a simple pump action that creates suction to enhance vacuuming. The vacuum has no batteries, hoses or hookups. The vacuum is an all in one tool. It comes ready for use without the need for assemblage. It possesses two nozzles, one for fine dust and the other one for larger debris. It has a slide-on brush, which is used for hard scrubbing to clean the areas reached by the skimmer. GAME 4855 spa and pool Vacuum also has a wall mount bracket that allows for a neat hang-up storage. The machine is easy to use with no complicated requirement for adjustments.

Pool Vacuum Head

What to look for when buying a product


A good pool vacuum will do the cleaning job at a desirable speed. If the pool vacuums used are slow, they will require the pool operator to use more time in the cleaning process. As such, it will require them to cut out other things to attend the pools. It may also delay the use of the pool since people have to wait until the pool cleaning process is complete.

Maintenance cost

Best spa vacuum will not require too much maintenance. It should be simple to operate and energy efficient. The more the complicated a machine is, the higher will be the likelihood that it will break down thereby calling for repairs. Repairs can be at times inconveniencing since it has to be done before the use of the vacuum. It also requires the fixing and replacement of parts that require resources. Moreover, the more a vacuum is repaired, the less efficient it becomes since when repaired it will not be as effective as the original tool. It may also require the services of a specialized person who may not always be available.


Style of the pool vacuum

Based on the design of the pool, one needs to select a pool vacuum that will work match the pool. If the pool has steps, the pool vacuum should be one that can navigate steps. Similarly, the buyer should consider the depth of the pool as well as the ability of the pool cleaner to reach and scrub sharp corners. Moreover, it is important to check on the attachments that with which the machine comes with as well as the technicalities involved in the assemblage.

Besides, it is prudent to examine the users’ experience to determine the likely shortcomings of the vacuum. Users will always give an insight on the usage of the pool vacuum leading to sound purchases decisions. Consider your budget constraints and ensure that the pool vacuum falls within it. The buyer should as well do research on the market to know where to purchase the vacuum from and at what price. Research also helps.


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