The Best Buyer’s Guide To Wood Planer

To begin with, we briefly formulate the main tasks of the planer as a special class in a hand tool: the plane is a woodworking tool, designed to remove the chips from the surface with the cutting edge of the blade (knife) fixed in the planer. Its priority in woodworking is the creation and alignment of planes.

With the help of an electric plane, the following more difficult operations are also performed: for the construction of boards, individual plates; on chamfering at specified angles; by the selection of grooves from the edges of the workpiece.

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The blades (knives) of the electric gun are attached to the shaft, which is rotated by an electric motor. We can say that the fundamental difference between manual and electric planes is the difference in their efficiency, since on the hand plane the chips are removed manually – by active movements of the planer with a knife (lezg) secured from it along the workpiece. However, special skills are required to obtain a high-quality result. Yes, and the amount of work performed by a hand-held plane depends directly on the same skills, skill, physical capabilities of the operator operating as a hand-held plane.

Wood Planer

To work with an electric plane is incomparably more comfortable. Effectively, the wood can be treated with an electric plane as along the direction of the tree fibers, and across. Optimal high quality at the surface of the wood billet can be achieved provided that the processing takes place along the fibers of the material. Processing across the wood fibers is also used, but, as a rule, only for roughing the material. Ultimately, the highest quality of the surface in this case, of course, is unrealistic, but it is possible to get as close to some ideal as possible, knowing and applying special secrets in working with an electric gun.

We will try to reveal the most interesting ones for you. Let’s start with – how much you need to remember that in any case, regardless of the type of your plane, it is strongly recommended to securely fix the workpiece before processing. This – the most important requirement of safety technology: elektroubanok movement of its rotating sharp knife can pull out the workpiece, and strongly and far to throw it aside. Such an uncontrollable flight can easily turn into a serious injury for someone (unlike a hand plane, which, with “sharp”, incorrect actions of a person, simply pushes the workpiece out of the anchorage).

We have already mentioned above that the main function in the work for electric planes is the leveling of some rough-processed wooden surface in advance. After a qualitative treatment of the plane, such a surface remains not just aligned – it is possible to make it perfectly smooth and very smooth. All irregularities and other shortcomings may disappear after processing by an electric gun. For finishing, finishing of wooden surfaces, grinding planes are often used, the design of which involves the use of knives having a precisely calibrated low stroke. Such grinding planes can provide a high quality of the wood surface processed by them, which allows to refuse further grinding operation.